Miassine Foundation also supports the “New Names of Armenia” project. The project was created in 1989 by Silva Mekinyan, former director of the National Opera, former Vice Minister of Culture and the co-founder of Miassine Foundation. The purpose of this project is to assist talented young Armenian musicians and to spread Armenian music and culture outside Armenian borders.

Since 2009 we have organized various international tours. The participants are children between the age of 7 and 18. These young people are winners of national and international competitions. They perform classical music as well as music by Armenian composers, such as Komitas, Khachaturian and others. They play classical and national musical instruments, such as “kanon”and “duduk”.

The tours allow young musicians to get exposure on international stages, win over tough crowds, become well known and make their way to a successful career. Many of them have had brilliant performances at The World Bank in Washington D.C., Canadian Parliament, Menuhin School in London, Geneva UN office, etc.

Miassine Foundation organizes these tours, provides lodging for the musicians as well as helps them meet and connect with new people.


The tours are always successful and are well received by the audiences.