Every country’s future is in the hands of its younger generation. Unfortunately, difficult socio-economic conditions are creating hardships for young Armenian people – causing them to seek economic opportunity abroad. We need to make every effort to improve these conditions. This issue effects all young people, but more so the ones, who lived and got their education at care facilities. After graduation, they receive no assistance at all, not even from the care facilities they grew up in. As a result, most of them end up committing crimes. One of Miassine’ s goals is to care for these young people. With that in mind, one year ago we established a bakery in Proshyan community (12 km from Yerevan). We sought out the young people, who have left the orphanages and care centers and were eager to learn. We provide them training and future employment at the bakery.

This effort requires involvement from other interested entities and organizations, as was our collaboration with The Republican Union of Employers of Armenia (RUEA).
Many organizations assume that working with socially disadvantaged young people requires great efforts because of their behavior issues and lack of independence, reliability and motivation.

To address this issue Miassine Foundation suggests creating a clear plan of action with other interested NGOs that will serve our overall goal. It will help provide both quality education and job skills training to these young people for a successful integration into their society and workforce.

Project Objectives

To counsel the young people who leave care facilities located in Yerevan, Gyumri and Vanadzor on their choice of future trade or occupation.

To choose businesses and companies that will provide opportunities for practical implementation of their newly acquired skills and help with integration process.

To organize visits to the businesses and factories that provide internship opportunities for them.

To motivate these young people to choose a suitable occupation.

To increase young people’s productivity at their workplace by providing guidance in occupation selection